Interview for the GeekFreak radio show

Posted on Dec 2, 2014 in Interviews, News
Pedro Nora, me and Breno Ferreira, in RUC recording studio, after the GeekFreak radio interview.

Pedro Nora, me and Breno Ferreira, in RUC recording studio, after the interview.

On july 6 i was invited to be in the Rádio Universidade de Coimbra (Ruc) recording studio for a Geekfreak radio interview, which aired on July 8.
It was the second time i was in Ruc for an interview. The first one was in the show Passo a Palavra.

This time it was on Geekfreak which is a show about comics, cinema, action figures, technology and other geek topics.
It’s hosted by Breno Ferreira, Pedro Nora, and Tiago Serra, although at the time, Tiago wasn’t present.
Each one of them has an area where they are well, geeks! Breno is the action figure expert, Pedro talks more about comics and cinema and Tiago about technology.
Breno and Tiago are also my friends. Breno was my classmate in my degree in Communication Design at EUAC, and i’ve worked with Tiago in a couple projects like the illustrations and comics for U-Senses.

We covered a lot of subjects, related to illustration, comics, drawing and about my career as an illustrator.

The conversation is in portuguese, and for those who understand it, click below to listen.

To know more about GeekFreak go to their facebook page or their mixcloud profile to listen to other episodes.

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Thank you to the guys at GeekFreak for inviting me to their show!