Special guest at Tertúlia BD de Lisboa

Posted on May 10, 2015 in Events, News
Photo of the dinner room at Tertúlia BD

Panoramic photo of the room from Casa do Alentejo, where the 363rd edition of Tertúlia BD de Lisboa took place.

On September 2, 2014 i was the special guest at the 363rd edition of Tertúlia BD de Lisboa.
The Tertúlia was founded in June 4, 1985 by Geraldes Lino and it’s an informal association for not having official registration or administrators , or associated (and , obviously, not contributions).
Their existence is to promote monthly meetings – always at the 3rd Monday of each month , even if eventually it’s holiday – where only comic book fans participate , whose number varies usually between eight to forty individuals , among whom are authors ( designers, writers / screenwriters, colorists , inkers and letterers ) , editors ( professional and amateur ) , fanzines makers , collectors , booksellers , and , “last but not least ,” simple readers.


Part of the festivities included selling raffles The participants and the invited guest brought books to be sorted out.
In the end of the dinner the invited has the chance to do a little speech and if someone wants, it can be asked some questions.
Here are some photos of this night.


Me and the organizers of the Tertúlia BD de Lisboa. On the far right, with white shirt is Geraldes Lino, the founder.


Me giving a little speech, and also answering some questions.

I also had to do a drawing to be sorted out, so i decided to draw the characters of Uma Aventura Estaminal a comic book that had been published recently at the time, also chilling at the Tertúlia.


A picture of my talented friends, André Oliveira, writer extraordinaire Bruno Caetano ,animator extraordinaire and Ana Oliveira, illustrator extraordinaire.

To end this post, no comic book fans meeting would be complete without making some comics! As the guest, i started the page, with the first panel, and then pass it to other artist, until the page is complete. And this is the result.


It was a great night, and a cool experience!